Who We Are

Stellar was launched in 2001 with the plan of creating something different. It was well known that our industry was filled with manufacturers that were mostly small and that were known for broken promises and late deliveries.

The four founders of Stellar decided to create a better solution for the consumers of Custom Metal Store Fixtures that would bring value through seamless performance and premium quality. We also planned to gather a team that understood and were fully experienced to carry out the Mantra of “Timeliness and Quality”.

Starting from a small 13000 sqr ft. facility, little equipment and a hand full of Team Members, we ventured out to create a truly amazing company housing a group of experts we fondly refer to as Team Stellar. Quality and On-time delivery is our guiding principle.

Our Values

Our items and projects are thoroughly reviewed.

Timely and on schedule (or before), we under promise and over perform. We plan all our projects for success.

We stick by the code of the 3 Fs (Function, Fit & Finish) and consistently perform.

Green Leaders

Keeping Our Planet Green

We take great pride in our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment around us, and constantly strive to find new ways to reuse and recycle the materials we use on a daily basis. Our facilities meet, and in many ways exceed all government targets and regulations for members of our industry, and we are proud to be leading the way in our environmental practices.


A collection of some of our latest work

Stellar Metal provides a variety of services and finishes. Take a look through our portfolio below to see our creative and professional talents.